Queen Sleep beauty pillow – Anti-age pillow that helps to avoid wrinkles and creases on the face and prevents the morning swelling

Take care of your sleep, beauty and health!

Benefits of Queen Sleep pillow

  • Special Queen Sleep pillow shape helps to avoid face wrinkles and prevents morning swelling
  • Queen Sleep is made of Memory Foam which helps it adapt to the shape of your face
  • The anatomical shape of the Queen Sleep pillow makes your sleep sound and more comfortable
  • Silk is the recommended sleeping material by leading cosmetologists. That's why the Queen Sleep pillowcase is made from natural silk
  • Queen Sleep pillow makes eyelash extensions last longer because of its shape
  • The pillow is recommended by cosmetologists
  • Made in Poland. Fast EU delivery
How is the Queen Sleep pillow different from a regular pillow?
  • When you sleep on a regular pillow your face skin is squeezed and stretched and this leads to wrinkles in your sleep. The notches on the sides of the Queen Sleep pillow help prevent the skin from wrinkling and stretching, giving it an anti-age effect
  • Small height difference from top of head to chin, and a lower roller supporting the neck, prevent face swelling in the morning. While sleeping on a regular pillow the neck is tight which results in poor blood and lymph flow
  • Queen Sleep Pillow is hypoallergenic, does not accumulate dust, bacteria and mites

Sleep wrinkles are vertical lines that appear due to the squeezing of the facial skin during sleep. For 20-year-olds, they disappear almost immediately after waking up, but by the age of 30-35 they become increasingly clear and remain on the face much longer. Most often these wrinkles appear around the eyes and in the nasolabial folds, and with age, also on the forehead.

You can get rid of sleep wrinkles only with the help of fillers. Since sleep wrinkles arise not due to muscle spasms, but due to constant wrinkling of the skin, it is impossible to remove them with either massage, cream or Botox.

The first study, which proved that the pillow and the sleeping position influence the process of sleep wrinkles appearing, was published in 1987 (December 1, 1987) by a well-known dermatologist and cosmetologist Dr. Samuel J. Stegman. The title of the work was Sleep Creases. Later in 1999, this study was once again confirmed by Dr. James Fulton and Dr. Farnaz Gaminchi, with the name Sleep Lines.

An interesting research was conducted in 2015 in Slovenia, which proved that the shape of the pillow is a key factor influencing the formation of facial wrinkles (Borut Poljsak, Aleksandar Godic, Tomaž Lampe, Raja Dahmane - The influence of the sleeping on the formation of facial wrinkles).

Beauty Queen Sleep pillow combines the unique shape, incredible properties of natural silk and innovative memory foam to effectively take care of your beauty.

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