Frequently asked questions – Queen Sleep beauty pillow
1Where is the Queen Sleep pillow produced?
The pillow is produced in the EU.
2What is the pillow made of?
The pillow is made of the certified Memory Foam material.
The pillowcase is made from natural silk.
3How do you wash the pillow?
The Queen Sleep pillow must not be washed.
. It may only be delicately wiped with a slightly wet clean cloth, after which the pillow should be left to dry fully. >br/> Dust and bacteria do not gather in the Memory Foam material.
We recommend washing the pillowcase every 3 days according to the description from the instruction coming with the pillow.
4May a usual pillowcase be used?
The use of a usual pillowcase is possible. Nevertheless we recommend using the original pillowcases, because they fully correspond to the shape of the pillow. It means that the original Queen Sleep pillowcase enables fabric creases that leave fabric marks on the face.

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